Tuesday, 7 June, 2011

AGM 2011

AGM 2011 Series: Young Leaders


In advance of YMCA Canada’s 2011 Annual General meeting (AGM), more than 50 young leaders from Member Associations across the country attended a Young Leaders Forum. They participated in one and a half days of learning, sharing and idea generation. The dedication and enthusiasm they showed was an inspiration to all.


Following the Young Leaders Forum, the entire group of 50+ participated in the AGM. They were part of every workshop, keynote and group activity and we all benefited from their attendance. I had the pleasure of speaking with Devlin Williams (YMCA of Regina), Jennifer Drost (YMCA of Fredericton) and Chris Carther-Krone (YMCA-YWCA of Winnipeg) about their experiences.

YMCAs in Canada have long been dedicated to supporting and involving youth in all aspects of our work. At this AGM, we committed to involving young leaders in even more ways so they are able to develop and contribute their leadership in each and every Member Association.

What did you take away from the contributions made by young leaders at this year’s AGM?