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Introducing Frank Andreacchi

Frank Andreacchi

Frank Andreacchi

Last week, we welcomed Frank Andreacchi to YMCA Canada.  We’ve engaged Frank to develop a full range of shared services and functions for the federation — from common purchasing to management agreements between Associations for greater effectiveness, productivity and impact.  He comes to us from Interac Canada where he was Chief Financial Officer and Vice President of Corporate Services for 13 years.  Earlier, Frank was responsible for Finance and Administration for Ontario March of Dimes and held management positions in two Canadian banks.  He is a Certified General Accountant who has an MBA and an undergraduate degree in administration from York.

Over the course of a 25+ year career in the private and charitable sectors, Frank has faced many of the strategic challenges that are now before us as a national federation.  For example, he was Interac Canada’s chief architect and negotiator of a major strategic initiative that created a centralized shared service and a model for banks to expand services both online and into new geographic areas (Cross Border Debit, Interac Email Money Transfer and Interac Online).  This initiative increased Interac’s reach and profitability by making it possible for Canadians to use their debit cards at over 95% of the terminals in the US.  While at Ontario March of Dimes, Frank improved the organization’s financial stability during a high growth phase through increased profits, effective negotiation of government grants, and development of effective financial policies.

I’ve discovered that Frank’s strong suit is implementation.  He is exceptionally well-equipped to guide us through the questions, options and choices coming out of our current strategic plan and leading into the next one.  Frank tells me that this move to YMCA Canada represents for him an opportunity to make a significant difference in the lives of Canadians.  Our focus on building a capacity to share services and functions puts us on the leading edge of the charitable sector, he says.

In early September, I’ll post a video interview with Frank exploring the concept of shared services and how he’ll be spending his time.  He’ll also share some of his learnings from conversations with many of you in preparation for coming on board.  For now, here’s what he sees as his three challenges in this new national role:

  1. finding appropriate ways to implement change within our organizational culture to create measurable value
  2. getting the work that has the potential to have the greatest impact done first (such as expanding the current national insurance and procurement programs, and introducing a new national employee benefits program)
  3. designing solutions that are sensitive to differences in Association size, regional realities, etc.

You’ll recall that the shared services portfolio is one of three in the new senior management structure that I announced in April 2010.  Frank’s arrival leaves me with only one role left to assign: Association Support and Development.  I’ll post this vacancy after the search for a new President & CEO for the YMCA of Greater Vancouver (and British Columbia MRC) has been completed in early fall.  By the time our 2012-2015 strategic planning process gets underway, YMCA Canada’s new leadership team will be in place.

I’m delighted that Frank is ready to contribute his considerable experience to realizing our shared vision for this new era of YMCA work in Canada.  As the parent (with wife Crocetta) of three young adults, he says that his ” job description is find what they’re good at and helping them develop those natural talents.”  I’m confident that he’ll bring the same dedication to helping us — individually and collectively — do what we do best even better and have the impact we aim to have on Canada’s health and well-being.  Please join me in welcoming Frank to the YMCA.

My question for you is: what services and functions would you like to see shared within the YMCA federation?


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  • Frank Andreacchi

    Thank you Bryan and Diana for your warm welcome. I am very excited about the opportunity to make a difference at the YMCA. I have already spoken to a number of people across the country and will continue to do so over the next few months. The consistent message I have heard is openness to meaningful and beneficial change. My priorities for this year will be shared procurement, insurance and employee benefits programs. There are many other areas that have come to my attention that I will also be thinking about for the future. Please do not hesitate to contact me to share your ideas. I look forward to speaking with you.

  • Diana Deakin-Thomas

    Welcome to the team Frank! I was delighted to read of your background – I think we are poised for change and I have to agree 100%+ with Bryan’s (and then Scott’s) comments regarding our challenge to measure (and communicate) our impact – collective impact in the country. I also see great opportunity for local YMCAs to benefit greatly from planned procurement efforts. And finally I am very much looking forward to expanding our cadre of national YMCA supporters.

    I look forward to meeting you one day soon.

  • Scott Haldane

    Thanks, Bryan. I am also very excited about the opportunity to share impact metrics within the federation. It will be critical that the YMCA is better able to understand and communicate the outcomes and impact of our work. We are not alone in this…the YMCA of the USA and other national YMCA movements are focused on this effort as well as many other national charities.


  • Bryan Webber

    Welcome aboard, Frank. Congratulations, Scott. Eventually, I see an opportunity to share the challenge of measuring the impact of our work on children, youth and families in Canada, in support of our emerging plans for resource creation and capacity building.